20131004 Lim Swee Say should be held accountable for stagnation of low wages

CNA’s “Inclusive Growth Programme to benefit over 53,000 workers: Lim Swee Say” is another state propaganda article after years of ‘efforts’ leading to the stagnation of low wages.

NTUC’s Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) is essentially throwing taxpayers’ money at businesses to the tune of $100,000,000 at some 800 projects. “When these projects are completed, more than 53,000 low-wage workers will benefit,” NTUC proudly proclaims.

What’s incredible about the article are the key words “When these projects are completed”. So if it is in 5 years time, any pay increase could easily be negated by inflation and we are back to square one. Swee Say will then likely offer some crap excuses and with the help of mainstream media, get away scot free for repeated failures. As has always happened.

Since 2010, $42,000,000 has been committed to these projects with two thirds of the companies being SMEs. Why doesn’t NTUC tell readers which companies form the remaining one third receiving millions of taxpayers’ dollars?

Too much relevant information is also missing from the article:
– The benefits workers have received so far. (across the board, not cherry picked data)
– What is the proportion of Singapore workers vs foreign workers benefitting from the IGP?

After years of importing cheap foreign labour, are we supposed to give Swee Say a standing ovation for having finally woken up to “a new reality – slow down the growth of [cheap] manpower and focus on productivity”?

The incompetence of leadership at our ‘labour unions’ cannot be more glaring than in Singapore. This has caused hardship to hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans. Swee Say should consider following in Mah Bow Tan’s footsteps and “make way for younger and talented people to take over”. This is the right thing to do.

Phillip Ang

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