20131003 Will new citizens contribute to ageing population issue?

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Subject: 20131003 Will new citizens contribute to ageing population issue?

Dear PM Lee

The government has repeatedly stated that one of its concerns of an ageing population is there will be fewer working citizens to support the growing pool of elderly.
(e.g. The Straits Times article “Fast-ageing S’pore, fewer to support aged” dated 27 Sep) To arrest the population decline, our ultra loose immigration policy allows foreigners to be easily granted citizenship to the tune of 18,830 annually since the last 6 years.

From 1987 to 2006, the intake of new citizens averaged 8200. link (page 6) Including the upsized intake during the last 6 years, the total number of new citizens since 1987 is about 277,000. (8200 X 20 plus 18830 X 6)

Will new citizens contribute to the ageing population issue?

Assuming that the average age of new citizens between 1987 to 1997 is 35, will they not be contributing to the pool of elderly Singaporeans (by then aged 65 and above) between 2017 and 2027?

A worse scenario would of course be the 113,000 new citizens during the last 6 years turning 65 in around 2050.

Why isn’t the government keeping track of its immigration policy?

In April, I queried the NPTD on the fertility data of new citizens for the past 5 years. NPTD replied that it does “not differentiate between new citizens and other Singaporeans with regards to fertility data”. Query to NPTD It appears the government is more concerned with their potential economic contributions than potential issues in the future. (Issues will arise when female new citizens do not produce, males remain single, etc.)

Without relevant statistics, the government may not be aware that its policy could actually exacerbate the ageing population issue.

A valid question: are the objectives of our immigration policy met? The government needs to have and also disclose the following statistics of new citizens.

1 Summary profile of different age groups.
2 Number of single adults, those already married and children.
3 Number of children given birth to by new citizens.
4 Number who has remained single.
5 Impact of new citizens on our TFR.

The government has to keep track of a policy it has implemented ostensibly to resolve the issue of an ageing population. Is the immigration policy effective in addressing the stated problem? Without the relevant statistics, the government can only speculate.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

A convincing counter argument to our immigration policy – The ugly truth about TFR and foreign influx…

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