Feedback on PUB’s non maintenance Fw: 7 20111022 PUB – flooding 101

From: phillip ang
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 6:17 PM
To: LEE_HSIEN_LOONG ; v_bala
Cc: andrew ; aslav009 ; bok koh ; <a title=”jayakumar89 ; Lay Cher ; <a title=”cue_liew ; ongqyqy ; news ; stlocal ; theonlinecitizen toc ; <a title=”yyvonne
Subject: 7 20111022 PUB – flooding 101

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my email ” 7 20111015 PUB – flooding 101″ (15 Oct 2011) and CNA article “Flash floods hit several areas around Singapore” (21 Oct 2011).

2 As you have seen, the state of our drainage system maintenance leaves much to be desired. Can the PUB confirm clogged drains was not a contributing to the floods on 20 Oct 2011?

3 The PUB should not always point its finger at everything else but itself. Photos below show how much needs to be cleared from a small drain.

A totally clogged drain. Worker clearing drain.

Photos show just how much needs to be cleared in a single drain. This is just one street alone. Multiply by hundreds of them and it becomes clear that many in the PUB were sleeping on the job.

4 The reason why I have to write to you in order to for things to get done is because civil servants have a condescending attitude and are always making nonsensical excuses for their incompetence.
I have been given the runaround for years for my feedback, from officers to ministers. It appears more effective when instructions come directly from the top. (In this case and a previous feedback on flooding, it took only days) But sad to say, not everytime.

5 Civil servants have never really engaged Singaporeans and do not know how to do so. Illogical as their rubber stamped replies might be, one is expected to accept without question.

Engagement means explaining how such a situation arose without knee jerk defensiveness, who were those responsible and what actions will be taken to prevent a recurrence. Do not use the source of the problem for ‘objective verification’. Cut out the PR exercise of explaining the function of the organisation (clearly not functioning well) to save newspaper print. Civil servants should descend from their ivory tower and instead place themselves in the position of the feedback provider.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

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