20130429 LTA throwing taxpayers’ money at vandalism solution

From: phillip ang
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 11:20 PM
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Subject: 20130429 LTA throwing taxpayers’ money at vandalism solution

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew

I refer to my recent feedback on blatant vandalism of LTA’s structures i.e. lamp posts, traffic lights, overhead bridges, bus stops etc.

The LTA has not been able to implement any meaningful measures and vandalism has gone unabated. Neither is the government willing to convince the LTA not to continue sitting on this issue.

One method of ‘advertising’ uses scotch tape, photo below.

Despite knowing this, LTA’s ‘solution’ to prevent structures from being vandalised is the use of anti-stick paint!
Results of LTA’s solution:
Scotch tape ‘wins’, anti stick paint ‘loses’. Even without the use of scotch tape, anti-stick paint doesn’t work.

It is quite shocking that the LTA has insisted on implementing such a ‘solution’. In fact, I believe any average person, and even Mr Lee, would agree that this is really a stupid idea.

Why is this ‘solution’ which:

– will incur recurring costs.
– will cost tens of thousands of dollars for labour (advertisements removal and painting) and anti-stick paint.
– doesn’t work

be allowed to be implemented?

(In the case of ‘My grandfather road’, one ‘vandal’ and an ‘assistant’ already cost about $7000. Painting thousands of LTA structures with anti stick paint will likely run into six figures over time.)

Is the LTA willing to turn a blind eye because these illegal advertisements, mostly room rentals, benefit the economy in a way?

The fact remains, the LTA has continued to sit on vandalism despite a lot of feedback from me. It has done so because there has been no accountability and no audit.
I have suggested to the government to fix LTA’s maintenance issues but this has fallen on deaf ears. By writing to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I hope it would make a difference.

The photographs below speaks volume of LTA’s seriousness on this issue.
(all taken on 29 Apr)
At this traffic junction along Pasir Ris Drive 1, all the traffic lights are vandalised.

A few hundred metres ahead, both traffic lights have also been also vandalised for years.

At the next traffic junction, all eight traffic lights are in even worse condition.

The traffic junction ahead is really no different. Overhead bridges, bus stops, road signs etc can the LTA state what percentage of all its structures have not been vandalised?
Is this first world or third world standard?

Perhaps vandalised structures have become the norm and are now accepted by the LTA. The government’s willingness to repaint (with a slightly different the colour) traffic lights will only send the wrong message and may even encourage more illegal advertisers. I hope Mr Lee Kuan Yew will convince the LTA to come up with a permanent solution instead of repeatedly reacting to vandalism.

Please contact me if more ‘evidence’ is required.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang

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