20130717 TRS article – was MP Zagy confused?

I read with amusement PAP MP Zaqy’s response to an earlier article written by one of his constituents, Ms Serene Tham.

MP Zagy: ”I am requesting that TRS shows evidential proof backing up the article..” By that, are the editors of our mainstream media supposed to have evidential proof before publishing every letter written by ordinary Singaporeans? What about the replies?

From an initial request, Zaqy suddenly demanded an apology should his request not be met. The MP appears confused.

Zaqy went on to give his version that his Town Council of course did not screw up, as opposed to Ms Tham’s.
(I hope MP Zaqy is aware that most Singaporeans who write to online sites do so out of frustration.)

Ms Tham also appeared to be upset by the wrong contact number given to her which MP Zaqy downplayed by stating “Save for the DID contact of the investigating officer, all other details including the investigator’s name, company and e-mail contact were correct”. There was also the possibility that the TC GM could have mishandled the situation as stated by Ms Tham.

MP Zaqy ended on a more polite tone reiterating his request: “All I am asking is for TRS to be transparent and accountable in what it publishes”. The majority of Singaporeans I know sincerely believe this final request should be directed to the mainstream media.

PAP MP Yaacob Ibrahim wants Singaporean to read the “right things” and now another PAP MP wants TRS “to do the right thing”. I suppose everyone is now expected to adopt the the PAP way because it is the only right way.

It would have been biased if TRS did not publish MP Zaqy’s letter. Judging by its contents, it’s apparent MP Zaqy lacks the required skills for online engagement.

Not unlike the NEA cleaning issue which Minister Vivian blew all out of proportion into one of dishonesty, this staircase issue suddenly morphs into one of defamation!

MP Zagy could have easily settled the issue by publishing the TC’s account and inviting a frustrated Ms Tham for coffee. If any misunderstanding is subsequently cleared up, perhaps Ms Tham may even consider writing to TRS to apologise? I am sure TRS will gladly publish a subsequent letter by the TC.

The only way to resolve issues is not to make demands and assume self-righteousness. Is MP Zaqy interested in winning over a constituent or would he rather she goes around bad mouthing him until 2016?

Phillip Ang

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