20130715 Grave error in PMO statement on cleaning incident

(99 per cent nonsense, 1 per cent fact)

The PMO statement on the AHPETC (read AH PEK for old man) cleaning incident was meant to drum moral values into opposition MPs.
Sylvia Lim was really rude not to have answered a minister’s question which demanded a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
If George Yeo was still an MP, Sylvia would have earned a ‘boh tua, boh suay’ rebuke from him on top of having been treated to a 36 minute ministerial lecture.
Fortunately for her, Georgie Boy had been sacked by her constituents.

The PMO statement attempted to tone down Vivian’s unreasonable demand, unless demanding one to admit to dishonesty for no rhyme or reason is considered reasonable.
The PM was vividly impressed by Vivian’s outstanding performance despite there being no standing ovation. After some reflection, he decided to follow Vivian’s advice by admitting to the government’s mistakes. Apparently, his secretary did not believe a leopard could change its spots overnight.

His secretary heard the PM who actually said “farce world parliament” but had edited the statement to “first world parliament”.
The PM was furious when the statement was released and thought to himself the incompetence of his government i.e. NEA’s failure to control mosquitoes from biting Singaporeans, NEA’s zero preparation for the yearly haze problem, and now even his own secretary who was unable to get a simple thing right.

Using a similar approach of non-consultation (asking), PM assumed his secretary’s problem to be one of hearing. The concerned PM immediately got an appointment at the ENT for his secretary to see the most reputable specialist doctor, Dr Chow Hee Lung.

Another reason why PM decided it’s about time to start admitting to mistakes was his recent reflection on our election system. He could no longer tolerate the GRC system which is actually a farce.
Therefore calling ours a ‘farce world parliament’ is in total agreement with our GRC system.

A ‘farce world parliament’ can roughly be defined as one where:
– MPs can evade questions without the Speaker batting an eyelid eg. data on casinos, number of repossessed public housing units etc.
– MPs can choose unimportant issues to mask over real issues i.e. what Vivian has done.
– MPs’ allowance places them in the top 20 percentile income bracket for what is essentially a part time job to most.
– MPs could debate as if their life depended on convincing their constituents but reverse their position when it comes to voting eg. population white paper.

It is therefore regrettable that such a grave error had occurred but the PMO will be issuing another statement confirming the government’s humility and understanding of voters’ needs after the PM’s secretary returns from her ENT appointment.

Phillip Ang

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