20130710 Dr Balakrishnan, pot calling the kettle black

From: phillip ang
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 1:56 AM
To: TOC ; <a title="andrew ; THEREALSINGAPORE
Subject: 20130710 Dr Balakrishnan, pot calling the kettle black

I found it quite amusing when Dr Balakrishnan tried to lecture WP’s Sylvia Lim in Parliament.
(“Integrity is key issue in hawker centre cleaning saga: Balakrishnan”, CNA 9 July) CNA

“But you know the key principle when you have power is: don’t take advantage of people under your charge and always be honest and upfront with your people”.
The minister should wake up to the fact that if the PAP had not taken advantage of Singaporeans, the number of needy Singaporeans would not have been increasing in tandem with our GDP. Opacity is deeply entrenched in our PAP created political system and PAP MPs have seldom been upfront in Parliament.
PAP’s evasive tactics in Parliament have frustrated many so perhaps the minister should admonish PAP MPs before lecturing others. I would suggest the minister first try to answer some of the pertinent questions raised by only one blogger, Leong Sze Hian. Please try to be honest and upfront with the people.


“When a mistake is made, just come clean and say so. But don’t cover up”.
The PAP, unless not human beings, have made mistakes and will continue to do so. They have seldom come clean and almost never apologised for past mistakes. Perhaps Singaporeans should make a list and forward them to the minister.

“ That’s why I have not let this go, because it is not about cleanliness of the ceiling, it is about clean politics”.
It becomes a joke when a minister uses an oxymoron like “clean politics” as if he firmly believes in its existence. When the PAP withheld $100 million worth of HDB upgrading because it had lost to the opposition, it was acceptable. Politicising the civil service for its own benefits and inculcating greed in ‘grassroots leaders’ etc is also OK. Perhaps such a ‘clean’ definition exists only in the PAP’s dictionary.

Since 2 decades ago, greed has become the only carrot to attract ‘good’ men into the PAP. Vivian Balakrishnan’s speech smacks of hypocrisy when he attempts to assume the moral high ground.

Phillip Ang

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