20130628 ‘Grassroots leaders’ continue slumber despite feedback

From: phillip ang
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 1:51 PM
To: CIVIL SERVICE HEAD ; <a title=”lim_swee_say ; MP ZAINAL SAPARI ; <a title=”LEE_HSIEN_LOONG
Cc: cue_liew ; INDERJIT ; <a title=”jayakumar89 ; jjauto ; JOHNNY LIM (Dy Dir, C C) LIM (PA) ; <a title=”ken_dxb ; lchertan ; LEE KUAN YEW ; <a title=”news ; newseditor ; ngys ; nicole.rebecca.seah ; ongqyqy ; RAVI ; <a title=”redbeansg ; SPH GAO ; <a title=”muihoong ; ST NEWS ; <a title=”stlocal ; THEREALSINGAPORE ; <a title=”theonlinecitizen ; TRE ; <a title=”zblocal ; STANLEY
Subject: 20130628 ‘Grassroots leaders’ continue slumber despite feedback

(Contrary to the government’s claim, it has not been taking feedback seriously. Not meaningful to continue providing feedback in conventional manner.
Will provide feedback on blog instead. FYI only.)

3 months ago, highlighted ‘grassroots leaders’ not maintaining public funded structures such as this notice board. (below)

5 March – 2013 still enrolling for 2011 classes? RC cannot even maintain notice board, what kind of difference
does the RC expect a new manager to make?

Even 2011/2012 intake still open? clearly NO ONE has been maintaining this board for years!

3 months later, the ‘difference’ was evident – the INDIFFERENT attitude persists!
Only remove the overdue notices but shift RC sign from middle shift to left, job done! lol

OK, other examples reflective of grassroots attitude.
March 2013
a 4 year old banner still not removed, waiting for weather to make it totally disappear. torn banner also same, similar ones in different locations.

Highlighted numerous examples already but no meaningful changes.
government wants Singaporeans to highlight all individual instances. has been working on the basis of feedback only.
so feedback providers after a while get tired, all give up. less work to do??
all structures never been maintained as far as I have observed.

months later, still the same. even simple thing like hanging banner must go for course meh?

Many places to hang dengue banner die die must use ‘overlapping’ technique to show busyness or what?
Hundreds of banners are hung in such a manner confirm no one in charge of all these public funded structures.

very often, grassroots leaders really got no time?

There are a thousand and one places for Passion card banner but grassroots leaders insist on this ‘perfect’ spot!
When you advertise Passion Card beside rubbish dump, there will be some kind of association you know?

Hopefully PA can sort out all these small issues. if cannot, big issues really cannot expect much.

Just some food for thought for the government.

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