20130624 NTUC’s Unity Healthcare profiting from Singaporeans’ misery

NTUC’s Unity Healthcare has started selling N95 masks on 24 June. It is offering a 10 per cent discount on the masks as part of its ‘social mission’ to keep healthcare products affordable.
The listed price is $2.50

In an article in The New Paper dated 23 June (link), a 3M spokesman stated that the recommended retail price for a mask ranges from $1.80 to $2.50.
At Unity Healthcare, it is priced at the high end with a 10 per cent discount thrown in and NTUC considers this its social mission?

A number of websites confirm wholesale prices, FOB, to be less than 50 cents for orders above 5000 pieces. (link) For orders less than 1000, it is about 75 cents.
Including operating costs and with negligible carrying cost as these are sold-out items, the sale of N95 masks has enabled Unity to generate record 1-day profit at all its 50 outlets.

NTUC Unity Healthcare proudly proclaimed on its website that it makes “health-care products more affordable and accessible to the general public”.
While I was in one of its outlets, I noticed a number of its products were priced higher than its competitors Watsons and Guardian pharmacy.
Readers would have already observed fewer customers visit Unity precisely for the reason its products are overpriced.
(By the way, NTUC supermarkets also price its toiletries much higher shops selling toiletries in shopping centres)

Readers are adviced to confirm the facts stated above for themselves.

NTUC, as a workers’ union, has allowed the stagnation of its low-wage members for more than a decade. There is clearly some similarity in its treatment of Singaporeans during this hazy episode.
If Unity Healthcare has a social mission, it should lower the prices of much needed masks immediately and not continue to profit from Singaporeans’ misery.

Phillip Ang

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