20130618 Local media stating the obvious

Local media stating the obvious

The local media seem to have run out of news and keeps stating the obvious.

The number of new dengue cases has been consistently above 40 per day for a week and records have been consistently broken as well. With the latest update at 9960 cases last Friday, just 40 shy of 10,000, the NEA tried to impress the public with its distinction in Primary 2 Maths by stating that the 10,000 mark will be hit in a couple of days time.

A minister then chimed in to warn the public that “Several areas have been classified as red areas, so we need to take the situation seriously”. Is the situation expected to be taken lightly with red lights flashing?

MEWR’s Second Minister Grace Fu has perhaps outdone her cabinet colleagues and statutory boards when her maternal instincts couldn’t prevent her from doing likewise. She stressed the importance “for everyone to keep their surroundings free of mosquito breeding sites”. For current dengue patients, she stressed the importance for them not to be a repeat victim, as if these patients had requested to be bitten earlier. This was not for their own good but to stop the mosquito-to-human and human-to-mosquito transmission.

Similar statements by statutory boards, ministers and civil servants could be found in our papers. Everyday.

The PAP has not been able to shake off its decades-old paternal/maternal mentality. Seriously, it is quite funny to hear ministers and scholars uttering the obvious. Have we run out of news?

Phillip Ang

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