20130611 Is NEA’s CEO asleep?

Is NEA’s CEO asleep?

The ongoing spat between the NEA and AHPETC has drawn the MEWR Minister Vivian Balakrishnan in, making the issue rather personal. (Making political attack on NEA officers is “arrogant and wrong”: Vivian Balakrishnan, CNA 9 June)

This is certainly uncalled for….unless the MEWR minister has nothing better to do.

In every private organisation, the CEO fronts the organisation when it has been thrown into the spotlight, is responsible for communications with the public and basically is the person in charge.

In NEA’s case, the CEO requires a minister to take over his responsibilities and simply did a disappearing act.

The PAP has politicised statutory boards to the extent that so long as they continue to serve their political masters well, ministers could be counted on to come to their defence on every issue.

Even when businesses had lost millions of dollars during floods, PUB CEO’s job remained secured because these were all once in 50 year occurrences. When the HDB underbuilt by a hundred thousand flats and caused hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans to buy flats at sky high prices, the CEO’s position has never been threatened.

Such a system with little accountability has to go. The CEO is there solely to serve Singaporeans, not for the benefit of any political party.

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