20130607 Assisting the needy becomes a joke

Assisting the needy becomes a joke

CNA’s article dated 6 Jun, “Club-100 @ North West raises S$2.5m to assist needy families”, was titled to impress readers.


The $2.5 million dollars raised was actually over a period of five years, amounting to an average of $500,000 per year.
Divide this amount by the 5600 needy families, each received $89 with some spare change.

If there are four members in each family, each will receive $22 and 32 cents. Says North West Mayor Teo Ho Pin, seen overjoyed in the accompanying photo: “The philanthropy spirit in Singapore is strong…”

Perhaps Teo Ho Pin meant this as a joke?

Mind you these club members are “able individuals” and corporations. With membership at over 400, each member gives less than $1250 per year.

It is the government’s responsibility to take care of needy Singaporeans, which it has clearly failed. Its preferred approach for charities is one where CEOs are paid sky high market-rated salaries, similar to its own model of remuneration.

Charitable causes are being politicised with this Club-100 @North West, a fanciful name with probably politically-affiliated “able individuals” as members.

Phillip Ang

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