20130530 Civil service should not turn blind eye to small issues

From: phillip ang
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:21 PM
Cc: GIANT ; <a title=”Ecourts ; FAIRPRICE ; <a title=”zainal_sapari ; KHAW BOON WAN ; <a title=”feedback
Subject: 20130530 Civil service should not turn blind eye to small issues

Dear Mr Peter Ong

I refer to “Halt the rise of ‘trolley junkyards’ (ST Forum, 30 May) and my feedback to the government “Shopping trolleys – stolen or lost?” dated 13 Dec. (attachment)

That supermarket trolleys have been borrowed, or rather stolen because there was no intention of returning them, by shoppers has been evident in many housing estates, on pavements and even beside expressways. For years.

The situation has been worsening over the years, no thanks to the complete silence of the relevant authorities i.e. NEA doesn’t seem to have acknowledged their presence on grass verge, Town Councils ‘overlook’ these at void decks/beside HDB blocks/common areas etc.

As the leading supermarket, NTUC has been behind the curve in arresting this problem. To get to the bottom of this issue, it should be treated as theft.
If the directors were the owners, would they not have allowed their properties to be ‘borrowed’?

Shoppers no longer bother if they inconvenience others or their actions result in a financial loss.

At least this shopper plans to reuse the trolley, courtesy of NTUC. Others are just abandoned.

Inconsiderate behavior extends to even airport trolleys where they may pose a danger to motorists.

Treating this issue as theft sends a clear message that shoppers’ ‘borrowing’ habit must cease. NTUC could state clearly that trolleys taken outside a shopping centre premises will be treated as theft and this will not be tolerated any longer. It should not continue to encourage such behavior by getting its staff to recover stolen trolleys.

The reason for writing to you is to highlight the non existence of a whole-of-government (WOG) approach i.e. NEA, HDB and TCs not proactive in tackling this issue, have no solution.

As with many small issues, they have been left to fester for years with those in charge providing lame excuses. The civil service could do better.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

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