20130525 Government should not treat disrespect for flag lightly, grassroots issues

From: phillip ang
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 6:45 PM
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Subject: 20130525 Government should not treat disrespect for flag lightly, grassroots issues

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my previous feedback to PM Lee and Mr Lee Kuan Yew dated 21 Oct and 25 Nov 2012. Although the highlighted flags were only removed after my email to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, my feedback has not been disseminated to all grassroots organisations such as RCs and it appears the government has again not taken my feedback seriously.

The rules for display of flags – one month preceding our National Day and one month after, exceptions allowed. Faded flags are also not allowed to be displayed.

In Tampines estate, there appears to be some ultrapatriotic citizens who display their flags throughout the year. The problem is the flags are faded and not even displayed correctly.
The implications are:
– PAP MPs are not familiar with what is really happening in the estate and not aware of the indifference of their grassroots members.
– Grassroots members are confirmed to be self serving.

Was this not taken down since 2012 or is patriotic resident too early for 2013?
Why do RC members and TC officers turn a blind eye to a faded flag on a second floor unit?
Blk 2XX
‎Tuesday, ‎21 ‎May, ‎2013

As if a competition for the most ‘bochap’ RC is being held in Tampines, what about this flag which is displayed wrongly?
Blk 2XX
‎Sunday, ‎19 ‎May, ‎2013

There appears to be a serious issue when the solution is just a phone call away and yet not a single resident/civil servant/grassroots member is bothered.

What about the Town Council? If there was any officer in the estate during the past 9 months, how could he have simply ignored this?

We appear to be the only country to treat our flag with disrespect.

I have also been suggesting a revamp for RCs and which means the removal of all self serving RC members and all the perks provided by the government.
Only then will the government be truly aware of the reality/issues of average Singaporeans.

In the article “Big revamp for RCs to cater to new needs” (ST, Apr 21), the government seems only concerned with hardware aspects. Nothing was mentioned about the quality of RC members which has always been the issue! Which leads me to question the government – is it listening? Throwing money at solutions has all the while been the approach of the PAP government. The $44 million worth of renovations will of course benefit the renovation industry but it is doubtful the real needs of residents will be met.

Last year, it was reported that 20 per cent of grassroots organisation members are new citizens and PRs. The government should ask itself the real reasons for Singaporeans to shun becoming RC members.
New citizens do not understand issues as well as Singaporeans do as we have lived here all our lives. New citizens and PRs will probably be contributory factors to future issues as they provide feedback only from their perspectives.

Increasing the number of RC members is merely a numbers game.

RCs must be depoliticised for the government to be able to listen to real issues of Singaporeans, the lack of hardware is least on our minds.

If RCs are just about organising activities and dinners on behalf of any political parties, taxpayers’ money has been wasted. The political party should just use its own funds.


The blatant disrespect accorded to our national flag by grassroots members, civil servants and TCs has serious implications. Please address the root of the issue instead of playing a numbers game and throwing money at solutions.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

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