20130519 ‘Grassroots leaders’ are the ‘silent voice’ of the majority

With reference to CNA article (dated 18 May) “Grassroots leaders are “voice of silent majority”: Lim Swee Say”, I believe there must be a typo.

CNA should retitle the article as “Grassroots leaders are the “silent voice” of the majority” because they are seldom seen and never heard on important issues concerning Singaporeans and heartlanders. How many spoke up on the Population White Paper? Why did they await NEA actions on record cases of dengue, reluctantly participating only after instructions from ‘above’? etc.

The persistent issues affecting HDB residents is the result of a muted grassroots.

It is an open secret that the majority of grassroots members are self-serving and their roles are determined by their political (PAP) masters. They must be conscious of their hypocrisy to the extent that they have avoided engagement with residents on all issues.

In my 13 years as a resident in Pasir Ris, no ‘grassroots leader’ ever came knocking on my door to find out if there were any heartlander issues, suggestions to better our environment etc. As all residents must have also observed, grassroots leaders are more of event organisers for the PAP.

I have written to the PMO a couple of times on the hypocrisy of our grassroots movement which requires an urgent revamp.
The present system encourages greed and really does not serve anyone besides the PAP.

It is precisely that we only have a grassroots movement in name that has contributed to the current mess in our country. Lim Swee Say should discontinue with his delusional thoughts on how ‘grassroots leaders’ help “to strengthen ties between the ground and the government”.

Phillip Ang

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