20130428 NEA – get the job done and no more excuses please

From: phillip ang
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 4:02 PM
To: VIVIAN B ; <a title=”chan.wee.lee ; MASAGOS
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Subject: 20130428 NEA – get the job done and no more excuses please

Dear Minister Balakrishnan

I refer to The Straits Times forum letter “Community engagement remains key” and article “Up to $10 million contract for campaign against dengue” dated 27 Apr.

As the lead agency in fighting dengue, the NEA will fail if it continues to pussyfoot around this issue. Putting up posters across the island cannot be expected to work wonders because over time, the message gets diluted. (similar to SMRT’S announcements on looking out for suspicious-looking objects)

I am a regular visitor to Tampines Street 21 which is presently the number one dengue hotspot. This will continue to be so because of poor maintenance by the Town Council.

This has been highlighted to Tampines TC and the MND on a number of occasions.

When a TC allows every resident to convert common areas into personal store rooms which include thousands of potted plants, the work of NEA officers is unnecessarily hindered.

Why subject NEA officers to perform the (ir) responsibilities of Town Councils with limited resources?

The involvement of grassroots members has never been evident. The issue of hundreds of thousands of uncovered laundry pole sockets should have been addressed prior to the dengue season. It remains unaddressed to this day.

It would be excusable if blocks with numerous dengue cases were located near forested areas. Tampines Street 21 is clearly not.

NEA cannot explain away its incompetence with the overused excuse of “community engagement is key”. By the time dengue season is in full swing, there may be fatalities.

I do understand there are many older folks who have lived in Tampines for decades. Their unquestioned use of common areas resulted from the TC’s indifference.
Exceptions could be made but there are common sense rules and regulations which have never been followed. The time for meaningful efforts is not when the dengue season blows over.

The NEA could conduct its own survey and verify that the above description is factual.

$10 million worth of posters and banners don’t do the job. People do.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

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