20130428 Minister Lim and his motherhood statements

The PAP is fond of issuing motherhood statements to Singaporeans as if all of us are its children.

As if Khaw Boon Wan’s ridiculous statements on losses incurred by the HDB wasn’t enough, here goes Minister Lim Swee Say.


Quotes from Minister Lim:

– “There is no guarantee that we will always succeed but we cannot afford to get it wrong,”

Simply put, Minister Lim is saying that nobody knows the future but he somehow knows there are serious consequences for failure.

-“Get it wrong, and growth will be slower and Singapore will suffer the pains of higher unemployment, lower employment rates and even stagnation of wages.”

Simply put, detailing the above statement. (such a statement could have been made by any first-year Economics student, typical scaremongering tactic.)

Minister Lim appears to be ignorant that current demand has been created by historically low interest rates with central banks printing trillions of dollars as if future generations do not matter.

“competitive to break the bottleneck of demand, we must also become more productive and innovative to break the bottleneck of supply,”
(“whereby we can actually maximise the upside for the low-wage workers, and at the same time, minimise the downside,” on the previous issue of government’s self-declared superior minimum wage model)

Minister Lim has impressed no one but himself with his theories of breaking the “bottleneck of demand” and “bottleneck of supply” and “maximise the upside” and “minimise the downside”.

‘Motherhood’ statements, such as those above, should not be published in the press because they invite ridicule online and offline. The government should take note.

Singaporeans are extremely hardworking employees but government policies have been failing us for years. The same people who crafted those policies have lost the authority to tell Singaporeans what needs to be done to improve our lives.

Phillip Ang

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