PAP – Dominant without being dominating is wishful thinking

I refer to The Straits Times article “PAP: To remain dominant without being dominating”. (Apr 19)

Unless Minister Tharman is somehow able to change the fundamental structure of the PAP, remaining dominant without being dominating is wishful thinking.

A dominant animal does not invite others in the pack to sit down for a meal together.

The nature of the PAP has been to control all aspects of Singaporeans’ lives from the bedroom to the boardroom.
The artistic PAP meanwhile paints an illusion of a successful society with rosy GDP colours to the envy of many countries.

Take for example the HDB. The PAP effectively controls about 70 percent of Singaporeans even after losing one GRC ie. should a HDB dweller encounter issues, HDB/Town Councils which may not be able to assist will refer the resident to an MP. This has a more than 90 per cent chance of turning out to be a PAP MP despite receiving only 60 per cent of electoral votes.

Singaporeans with immigration, educational, financial and health issues are likely to seek assistance from…a PAP MP.
To be not dominating, the extreme form of gerrymandering has to cease.

It is doubtful that DPM Tharman would be able to convince the PAP to abolish the GRC system or release land for private development.
Will the PAP prioritise the needs of Singaporeans above all else and cease running our country like Singapore Inc?

“It’s in Singapore’s interest that you do have a dominant party, but it’s to to be one that’s open to diversity, welcoming of a responsible opposition,” says DPM Tharman.
Obviously the dominant party DPM Tharman is referring to cannot be the opposition party. No political parties in the world welcome the opposition party, responsible or otherwise.

With housing mortgages of 30 years, dual incomes required to raise a family, lack of quality family time, high stress at work, undue stress in school, congested and unreliable public transport, congested roads etc has any “average Singaporean’s” standard of living improved? Says who?

2 decades ago, there were few who would “want a check on the PAP”. The reason for most to insist on some external checks is the major screw ups, one after another.

What has been observed and experienced by Singaporeans is a PAP which has not been listening and in the process, created a huge mess of our lives.

Credit should be given for its attempts to listen but one senses that PAP does not want to remove its acoustic earmuffs after it rammed the population white paper down our throats and continue to throw taxpayers’ money at solutions.

PAP has been dominating all its life. Are we to believe that a leopard can change its spots?

Phillip Ang

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