20121027 Real issues of attitude towards flag need to be addressed

From: phillip ang
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 4:08 PM
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Subject: 20121027 Real issues of attitude towards flag need to be addressed

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my recent email “20121021 National Day flag display – nobody cares”.

2 Below is a link which confirms with more photos one of the issues in my feedback eg. Town Councils and so called grassroots still in their slumber.

its_spores_nation_day__so_whats_up_with_this_swiss_flag-thumbnail.jpgis_this_allowed_residents_proudly_display_philippines-thumbnail.jpg etc


3 There are deeper issues with the majority of Singaporeans’ reluctance to display our flag and by using RCs (I read some estates employ foreigners to hang them) to create an illusion of celebrative mood, the government continues to mask real issues.

4 Using our indifferent ‘RCs’ to display Singaporeans’ ‘patriotism’ is indeed a useless tradition which is best discontinued.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

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