20120220 Government continues to engage without accountability

From: phillip ang
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 4:30 PM
To: LEE_HSIEN_LOONG ; khawbw
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Subject: 20120220 Government continues to engage without accountability

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my feedback “HDB – blurring irresponsibility into creativity?”. (19 Jan)

2 HDB’s 3-sentence reply (bottom of email) to address an issue of accountability smacks of arrogance. I hope this is not what PM Lee means by engaging Singaporeans. I would like to reiterate the points in my feedback.

a The HDB did not check on its contractor 2 years ago.
b There are more than 10 such signages (not only 7 as mentioned earlier) within 20 blocks of HDB flats. There was no HDB officer within
the vicinity the last 2 years.
c There was also no Town Council officer within the vicinity the last 2 years.

3 HDB’s reply is merely an attempt to absolve itself of responsibility. It is not the only statutory board to have done so as highlighted in my other emails.
It should be upfront in its reply and explain how it happened, where have its officers been the last 2 years and how did the Town Council officer managed not to have seen these well-placed signages for 2 years and what actions have been taken.

It is not simply an issue of getting the signboards replaced with taxpayers’ money.

4 A responsible government should not continue to tolerate this nonsense from its civil servants.

Thank you.


Phillip Ang

Dear Mr Philip Ang,


We refer to your email of 26 Jan 2012 to our Prime Minster, Mr Lee Hsien Loong and Minister of National Development, Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

2. We wish to inform you that the Pasir Ris – Punggol Town Council has arranged their term contractor to replace the affected signboard in the estates.

3. Please feel free to contact the Pasir Ris – Punggol Town Council at Tel: 65854938 or email: pasirris@prpg-tc.org.sg to feedback on estate maintenance matters.

Yours sincerely,

Li Suping . Estates Officer
Pasir Ris Branch Office . Housing Administration Department . Tel: 65004492 Ext 56592
Housing & Development Board


A bigger issue is no one seems bothered, especially MND civil servants and PAP ‘grassroots leaders’ living within the vicinity.
Heartlanders could be forgiven because civil servants have frequently sidetracked and triviialised the issues raised.

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